About Me

First thing you should know about me is I have been neck-deep in research on health,nutrition and food for over 8 years.  Growing up, I always was intrigued by the human body and how it digests and utilizes foods to achieve multitudes of capabilities daily.  However, my intrigue was taken to a whole new level after my grandfather fell ill and died 1 week later.  His doctors said it was from the flu, but I knew we did not have the entire story.  From what I knew at that time, my grandfather was relatively healthy.  He had type 2 diabetes, went for long walks daily and saw his doctor monthly to ensure he was staying in good health.

Like so many families, mine does not like confrontation.  So in this devastating situation, my family accepted that my grandfather’s death was due to a nasty flu bug.  I’ll admit, I do not enjoy confrontation, but I know it is necessary.  I spoke with a doctor at that hospital who I suspected was not in agreement with what caused my grandfather’s death.  This doctor began to discuss various medications that he had been put on recently in the name of experimental medicine.  This doctor was slightly disgusted with the treatments that were shown in his medical records.  I had to know the truth.  I requested all his medical records from his doctor and hospital.  This is where my journey into the complexities of health began.  As for my grandfather, he did not die from the flu.

I believe it is necessary to understand your health and not simply take orders from doctors or from any other source.  Do not misunderstand me; I believe most doctors are doing their best to improve their patients’ health when prescribing treatments.  I believe patients should understand their doctors’ orders and be onboard with the prescribed treatment.  We are very intelligent beings and should use intelligence and the vast amount of information available to us to participate more in our health and future.  Think about it, you probably spend a significant amount of time researching that new car or new phone you will be purchasing.  Why not take time to research your health?  And I am not saying just Google a health issue and believe anything you read online.  I am sure you have a local library with access to all types of medical journals.  This is how much of my research is done.

My story goes deeper as I became ill about a year after my grandfather’s passing.  This experience, which I urge you to read about via this link makes me understand that without your health, you have nothing; with your health, you can have everything.

In addition to my vast research and personal experiences, I have coached dozens of people.  I love seeing people take their health into their own hands and living better.  Remember, everyone is different and you must listen to your body to understand what works to make you feel the best.  There is not a “one-size-fits-all” nutrition plan for everyone.  This blog will shed some light on these important matters and you become more aware of your health and how it is affected, both bad and good.



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