The “Calm” smoothie by Canyon Ranch

Hi everyone!

One of the great parts about traveling or eating at different restaurants is coming across new recipes or food preparations that you absolutely love.  I was recently coerced into trying a smoothie that I never thought I would enjoy at the Canyon Ranch.  The smoothie was named the “calm” and consisted of ice, coconut water, strawberries, pineapple, lime and basil.  Since I don’t like limes and don’t typically care for basil in my beverages, I was hesitant to give this a gulp.  But I’m so happy I did because it was pleasantly delicious!

Since this drink contains a ton of natural sugar, I wouldn’t indulge daily.  But every now and then, it is an awesome treat!

Below you will find my recipe for the smoothie.  Follow it loosely and add/subtract ingredients based on your taste preferences.  You will need a blender that chops ice well.  I used my handy Ninja Blender, which I love so much.  This blender has lasted after years of heavy use.  Not to mention by some people who are not gentle on the equipment 😉  Below is the list of ingredients to be placed simultaneously in your blender.  This recipe makes about 10 cups.

*16-20oz coconut water (Please be conscientious when purchasing as the choices are overwhelming!  I used Harvest Bay    purchased from Whole Foods).

*4 cups ice cubes

*1 lb. strawberries (remove greenery)

*2 cups chopped pineapple

*1 lime, peeled

*4 large basil leaves (You may want to add these last as it is easy to place too much basil in)

Blend well and enjoy.

The photo below shows how much smoothie remained after 5 minutes shared among 3 people, and the blender was completely filled.  It’s that good!

Calm Smoothie

Enjoy your weekend!


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