Being a Balanced Babe: Interview with Balanced Babe – How to Live a Balanced Life



Grab some healthy tips, take a peek into my personal life and there’s a delicious giveaway at the end of the interview!

Below is the beginning of the interview with Balanced Babe – click HERE to go to full interview 

You might remember my review of Mind Your Muffins from a couple weeks ago (link to post here), well now you get to meet the Balanced Babe behind the brand! Gina Lemke is one determined and healthful lady. Owner of Mind Your Muffin Co., she offers ridiculously delicious, moist, and mouth watering muffins and other baked goods that are made with love and will literally do your body good.

I was able to get all the details about Gina’s specialty baked goods and her inspiring story of how she lives the Balanced Babe lifestyle. Gina talks about the importance of being prepared when traveling, why fitness is essential for her focus and clarity, the importance of getting adequate sleep, and why you need to indulge once in a while!

Gina also is giving readers a chance to win a box of goodies from Mind Your Muffin at the end of this article! All details of what the prize is, and how to enter is on the last slide of the interview. It is super easy to enter, and you could be indulging in some deeeelicious muffins in the near future!





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