Sweet Treats that are actually GOOD for you!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a terrific week!  This post may just make your week a bit better as I let you in on the roll out of my company, Mind Your Muffin Co., which offers delicious sweet treats that are good for you!

This company was founded on the principles of bringing healthful, all-natural ingredients together to create sweets that will indulge your cravings and help with energy, weight-loss and feeling great!  A huge plus is all of my products are low carb and diabetic friendly, containing less than 1 gram of sugar per large-sized muffin.  And you will never find any of the artificial stuff, including additives in my products.

I have a passion to make our world, beginning with our country, a healthier and happier place.  I promise you all my current and future products (yes, I have a few items coming out this fall) will be made with this goal in mind.  So please forward this post and/or my website to your friends, family and colleagues who would benefit from this.  All current products are available to be shipped safely nationwide so don’t worry about only forwarding this to those in the Chicago area.




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  1. theresa

    Ummmm!!!! hope I can win a dozen. … how are u??? I love this site an I have In fact told my friends, great information keep up the great work.

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