Lighting – energy savings vs. safety

I have been wanting to switch out all my incandescent light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) for a while because of the electricity cost savings and energy savings that would come with the change.  Also I find the CFLs to produce better quality lighting, but that may just be the brands or types of bulbs I have had experience with.

The reason I have waited so long to swap out my old school incandescent light bulbs is to due to the mercury content within the CFL bulbs.  If a CFL bulb breaks, there is potential for mercury to escape into the air.  The typical CFL bulb has 5-10mg of mercury within it and I did not want to risk the chance of exposing myself and my home to any harmful mercury.  I don’t know about you but I do not have a hazmat crew on site  to detoxify my home if a light bulb breaks.  Hmmm…I wonder if companies who manufacture these CFLs considered a side business of hazmat cleanup.  My guess is that the average consumer of the CFLs wouldn’t know about the potential for mercury exposure so no hazmat side-gig necessary.  It seems many companies are all too familiar with “what they (the consumer) don’t know won’t hurt us (the company)”.  Back to the lighting – there are so many toxins we are exposed to that are beyond our control so if I can spare myself any additional exposure, you can bet your bottom I will do so.  No additional mercury for me thank you very much.

Well I have fantastic news!  Seriously, I am beyond ecstatic about the CFLs that I have found.  Can you guess why??  These full-spectrum CFLs will NOT expose you or your home to mercury if broken!  Yes – this company has encased the mercury in amalgam (the same stuff used in cavity fillings).  The mercury will stay enclosed within the amalgam in the bulb even if the bulb breaks/cracks!  You may have noticed I mentioned these are full spectrum lighting.  This means they practically replicate natural sunlight.  You will not believe the difference this type of lighting makes.  I know I didn’t – when I first heard about full spectrum lighting I did a bit of an eye-roll as an acquaintance raved about the new lighting she had just installed.  As she was going on and on, I was thinking, “yeah, sure the lighting makes such a huge difference…ah-huh, oh right, I believe you…”  It just seemed like there would never be a reason to be so dramatically excited over lighting.  Well I was very wrong.  The lights make all the difference, especially in an office environment.  I’ll put it this way, when I changed the lighting to full spectrum in one room and  then went into the next room with the old lighting, I wanted to throw up – yes, just vomit over how awful and dirty the old lighting made the room look.  Yes, folks, it is that drastic.

So if you would not like to make your guests feel like vomiting upon entering your home, try some of these great lights.  You will not be disappointed.  They truly are fantastic!  These bulbs I speak of are BlueMax Full Spectrum HD Compact Fluorescent Lights and you can check out their website here.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find them displayed in a store.  But I was able to order with free shipping because I spent over $100.  If $100 seems a bit steep to light your home or office, perhaps order some bulbs or lamps as gifts.

So bring some happier light into your home or office without the concern of mercury exposure!



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