Have you been able to find the perfect dessert?

The reason I ask you to think about your perfect dessert is because this may not be something you have ever thought about.   No seriously.  You may never have COMPLETELY thought about your ideal dessert in its entirety.  I’m talking about including not only the taste and other sensory aspects, but also the nutritional components.  You may never have idealized this food because it simply does not exist.  For example, there is not a gooey, chocolatey, crunchy, no sugar, decent amount of fiber and protein, artificial and preservative-free, not going to widen my waistline dessert which is made from pure unadulterated ingredients.   Look around bakeries and grocery stores – the only sugar free items are filled with artificial sweeteners, or (my favorite) the “natural” sugar alcohols that cramp your digestive tract and send you running to the bathroom.  Perhaps this is why you have never mentally created your perfect treat – because it is simply not possible.

Well after 10 years of searching out an ideal dessert for myself that I could indulge in without feeling guilty afterwards (or feeling sick), I was beyond fed up.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having fruit as a snack.  But fruit does not fulfill this craving I speak of.  At this point in my life (about  2 years ago), I had enough motivation and drive behind me to begin my journey into producing my ideal dessert.

Obviously what I want is going to be different from the next Suzie-Q.  But see, I have several food intolerances therefore, if I make a dessert that is great and I am able to eat, most likely you will be able to enjoy it as well.

My tall order was as such: real food ingredients, nothing artificial, preservative-free, dairy-free, egg-free, 2 grams of sugar or less per item, no sugar alcohols, no additives, non-GMO ingredients, no animal products or by-products.  When I was able to produce delicious muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes that fit these guidelines, I challenged myself to including desserts that were gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and raw.

This feat was accomplished over the last 2 years through diligent research of health and medical journals, cooking and baking books, trial and error experimentation and taste-testing groups.  I am very pleased that I am able to produce these fantastic, healthy  and nutritious desserts!  Just because it doesn’t exist does not mean it cannot exist.  You can either hope and dream that one day you will be able to enjoy what you really want, or you can accept the challenge and dive in.

After my success, I wanted to share what I thought to be truly unbelievable treats!  I began giving friends, family and colleagues desserts as gifts.  One thing led to another and soon enough I was receiving requests for various desserts.  These desserts are particularly perfect for diabetics.  The sweetener I use is the stevia plant.  Unlike Truvia, Stevia in the Raw and many other stevia-blended sweeteners, the stevia extract I use has no additives or artificial ingredients.  There is no MSG – yep I said MSG, but that is a topic for another post.  You see, during the processing of many food products MSG is added along the line.  Well, not in my food.

So I will leave you with this question – what is your ideal dessert?  Please let me know!

Real Foods Lady



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2 responses to “Have you been able to find the perfect dessert?

  1. Monica Reyes

    Hi Real Food Lady !!

    I use sweet leaf stevia . Is this stevia okay to use ?

    • Hi Monica,
      I like that you’re using stevia! Sweet Leaf (the non-liquid form) is not my favorite because much of it is inulin, a food bulking agent, rather than stevia. If you like the powdered form of stevia, try Stevita brand Simply Stevia. It is awesome! It is pure stevia and nothing else. You can find it on iherb for $5.70. Check it out here- http://www.iherb.com/Stevita-Simply-Stevia-7-oz-20-g/8968.

      If you’re using Sweet Leaf’s liquid stevia, I would recommend trying NuNaturals brand instead. The reason being NuNaturals ingredients are very pure and the process they use to extract the stevia glycosides do not give way to MSG. (Many hydrolyzed food processes yield MSG) Also I enjoy the taste of NuNaturals liquid stevia better than Sweet Leaf’s. I find I do not use as much with NuNaturals and I never get that bitter taste that some stevias produce.

      My everyday stevia is NuNaturals Pure Liquid Stevia. You get 2oz for $7.11 or $8.49 (depending if you would like the stevia to come in a glass container or plastic) at iherb, but those 2 ounces go a long way. It comes with a dropper so you would just use a few drops in your tea, food, etc, mix then enjoy. You can find this at iherb too. Here’s the link for the stevia in glass – http://www.iherb.com/NuNaturals-Pure-Liquid-Alcohol-Free-Stevia-2-fl-oz-59-ml/4460. The $7.11 stevia is listed as NuNaturals Clear Liquid Stevia. If you do order from iherb and it is your first time, use code NOW718 to get $5 or $10 off depending on how much you spend.

      Let me know what you think!

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