Blue Print Cleanse Experience 2012

I have decided to detox my body and mind using the Blue Print Cleanse 3 day excavation cleanse.  For those of you unfamiliar with BluePrintCleanse, they are a great juicing company based in Manhattan that provides 3 different types of cleanses, which provide 6 juices each day.  You are able to customize how many days you wish to cleanse too.  They do ship nationwide now and I highly recommend using them if you do not have a local place that can provide this service to you.

I have done several juice cleanses over the last 6 years, some of which were my own.  I do not recommend juicing on your own for the first time juice cleanse.  it is very time consuming and expensive as you will need to purchase a juicer and pounds of organic vegetables.  then add in the time it takes to make these juices…well, if you’re patient you may be able to swing it without getting completely frustrated and reaching for food.

I decided to do the BPC now because I have started to see bad eating habits slip into my routine that need to be broken.  It’s not that I’m eating unhealthy foods, rather I’m eating right before bed and waking in the middle of the night to find something quick to eat (usually frozen bananas).  These habits are wearing me down mainly because it is very disruptive to proper sleep.  This cleanse will definitely help whip my routine back in line.

BPC sent the juices to me via overnight FedEx which I received on Wednesday at 10:30am.  I hadn’t eaten anything that morning assuming I would start day 1 immediately.  I’m happy to say I did start that Wednesday and the first day went fairly well.  I did notice an increase in energy and happiness after my second juice that day.  I was able to get a great workout in during the afternoon.  I did end up drinking juices 4-6 a little too close in proximity as I started juice 4 at 6pm and finished juice 6 (mmmmm, tastes like rice pudding!) at 9pm.  BPC recommends waiting at least an hour between juices.

When the presidential debate was over I thought “ok, time for bed” even though I knew I wanted something more.  I was not hungry.  It was more that I wanted to eat something to celebrate my excitement over the debate.  But I kept it together and went into bed.

Well by 12:22pm I was awake scouring my fridge and pantry for food, which I made sure to clear out prior to the cleanse.  I did happen to have a cup of almond milk and felt somewhat fulfilled as I headed back to bed. At 2am I was up again.  This time I really wanted food.  I grabbed my Muir Glen salsa and headed to bed with it.  I ended up eating a fork full of the salsa and then slept soundly.

Day 1 down and I’d rate 7/10.  On to Day 2!

I felt OK waking up and not eating anything except the juice at 6am and the day was on!  It’s now 1pm and I feel good.  I’ve had 3 juices and will be enjoying my cayenne lemonade shortly.  The one complaint I do have about BPC is the addition of agave in the lemonade and cashew milk.   Perhaps BPC would allow that customization…

I will wrap up the last 2 days of my detox and post how the reintroduction of food goes over.

Ok, I’m done with my 3.5 day juice cleanse and I have to say it went so well that I wanted to extend another day or 2!  I was only able to continue juicing (not using BPC on day 4 but the market juice from Protein Bar in Chicago) until 7pm on day 4 because I had a birthday dinner and had to eat the delicious kale salad I had been thinking about for a few days.

The last we spoke, I was midway through day 2.  Well day 2 wrapped up super nicely and included a great workout.  No night cravings, and felt great the morning of day 3.  I had an exuberant amount of energy while at the office.  I was surprised at how fulfilled and how little I thought about food.

Overall, this cleanse was a success and definitely broke my unhealthy routine!

If you are considering doing a cleanse for the first time, please take the time and effort to PREPARE for the cleanse!  I know too many people who schedule a juice cleanse for the 1st time and are eating fried “fill in the blank” and alcohol the night before the cleanse begins. This is a waste of the effort and money put towards the cleanse, especially if it is your first time.  BPC gives detailed information pertaining to preparation.  Not only can you be assured you are purchasing the best ingredient laden cleanse I have yet to come across, but the folks at BPC are so helpful.

Feel free to ask questions!  If you are in the Chicago area and are considering a local cleanse, ask me about it because most likely I’ve tried it!

Real Foods Lady



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